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and another fanmix


Prelude - 01: Placebo - Twenty Years

There are twenty years to go.

A golden age I know.

But all will pass, will end to fast, you know.

Part 1: Let Sunshine Win The Day

1992 - 02: Makoto Shinkai – Sora No Umi To Shi

Inbetween - 03: RDJ - Snakes

Let me tell you somethin' 'bout those

Snakes in the grass

A bunch of bleeding bug bites taught me

How it won't last.

04: Swedish House Mafia – Save The World

What we dream, it's all that matters

We're on our way, united

Who's gonna save the world tonight

Who's gonna bring it back to life

We're gonna make it you and I

We're gonna save the world tonight

2005 - 05: Muse - Butterflies & Hurricanes

You've got to be the best

You've got to change the world

And use this chance to be heard

Your time is now

Change everything you are

And everything you were

Interlude - 06: Eluvium - Prelude For Time Feelers

Part 2: Out Of The Blue, Into The Black

2010 - 07: Fury In The Slaughterhouse - Time To Wonder

realities and dreams

reality is not what it seems

it's not the way we want it

it's just the way it’s gotta be

2012 - 08: Skid Row – Wasted Time

I think back to the times

When dreams were what mattered

Is it all just wasted time

Can you look at yourself

When you think of what

You left behind

09: Juliette & The Licks – Got Love To Kill

Didn't you want to change the world

Like a child in flight

Do you want me?

What's it gonna be?

Is that even a question in your mind?

10: The Cliks – Nobody Else Will

If not for you, the skies above would not be blue
I'm telling you the honest truth
So don't let me down again
I just want to be a good man
Don't let me down again
I just want to be your best friend

11: Fury In The Slaughterhouse – Things Like This

I can’t regret misunderstandings

Not even all the ones I’ve caused

The best conditions for crashlanding

So I’m not sure if I can stay

And remain sincerely yours

Postlude - 12: Ólafur Arnalds - Raein


Bonus/Outlook - 13: Strays Don’t Sleep – Blue Skies

It’s been a long year

Since we last spoke

How’s your halo?

Do you ever get homesick?

I can’t get used to it

I can’t get used to it

I’ll never get used to it

For blue, blue skies

I’ll forgive you

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